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Packing Services

Packing Services

Looking for someone to take care of the packing for you? Give Express Removals & Freight a go, we LOVE packing.


Express Packing Options

Express Removals & Freight do it all; packing services is an extra that can save you time and energy.
Express Removals & Freight have on hand custom quality moving boxes, packing paper, tape, mattress protectors including plastic wrap to keep those prized possessions in perfect order.

Boxes available to be purchased and delivered to your front door,

  • Size: 400x400x600: 1 to 100 pieces $4.50 each
    • 100 + pieces $4.00 each
  • Size: 406x298x431: 1 to 100 pieces $3.50 each
    • 100 + pieces $3.00 each